Gas Line Install & Repairs

Gas Line Installation

Have you always wanted to have a gas line run to your BBQ or change your electric cook top to gas? Perhaps you need gas for your energy efficient dryer. Eco Plumbing’s experienced team can install a new line for you no matter the application. Above ground or underground, inside or outside, our expert technicians will install the right materials with excellent craftsmanship. 

Gas Line Repair

If your gas line needs a repair or replacement, Eco Plumbing can handle the job. Do you have an old iron pipe under your slab, a Poly Pipe in your yard or a flexible gas line in your attic that’s leaking? We have the right repair for you! Give us a call for a free assessment.

Reasons to hire Eco Plumbing to install your Gas Line

It's Safe

When working or living with natural gas, safety is vital. A trained and licensed plumber can install gas pipes safely and efficiently, and homeowners will not have to worry about a faulty gas system. With that said, you and your family should be aware of the signs of a gas leak in the event of a blockage or damaged pipe.

Law May Require Professional Installation

Some jurisdictions have laws or codes in place that require gas pipe installation to be done by a licensed professional. Even if a license is not required to install gas pipes in your area, you should consider hiring a licensed plumber anyway. Eco Plumbing is knowledgeable and experienced with natural gas and pipes and will be able to complete the job safely.

Plumbers know Pipes

Many of the same pipes used in water and sewage plumbing are also used in gas lines. Eco Plumbing will know which pipes and materials are safest and most effective to use for your project as well as the proper way to install and bury them. This is especially important if you are repairing or retrofitting an existing gas piping system, as some pipe materials corrode over time. When pipes degrade or are otherwise damaged or incorrectly installed, they can have slow gas leaks that are incredibly hazardous.

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